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A few little free boxing treats for any non-subscribers can all be found here ! Nobody has to become a V.I.P. member, but its only £1 per month, subscribe for one month and watch what you like and there is no pressure to renew if you don’t want to.

why cant you just let us watch it for free ?

If the site took zero time to set up and maintain, and cost us nothing to run, we wouldn’t charge a penny. You’ll notice that this site hasn’t just been thrown together. We’ve actually been working on this for three years ! You’ll also notice that there is no advertising on here, we hate it, there’s nothing more annoying that Google Video ads blocking half of the screen is there ? The site is run by fight fans, for fight fans and all we need is £64.00 per month to keep the site running and we break even. If we make a bit more then we’ll give away some free t-shirts !

What if I subscribe and I think its no good ?

If you subscribe and become a V.I.P. Member (which costs just £1.00 for a month) and you feel it isn’t worth it after the first 24 hours, then you can have your money back ! We can’t be any fairer than that !

Anyway, enough waffling, here are some free boxing gems from the archives.
Enjoy !

Muhammad Ali v Joe Frazier 1 >

Prince Naseem Hamed v Kevin Kelly >

Micky Ward v Arturo Gatti 1 >

Mike Tyson v Lorenzo Boyd >

Mike Tyson v Brian Nielson >

Lennox Lewis v Hasim Rahman II >

Julian Jackson v Herol Graham >