Julian Jackson v Herol ‘Bomber’ Graham

Boxing can be so cruel sometimes and never has it been more evident than in this fight. Herol Graham was a defensive genius and was incredibly hard to hit. Hailing from the famous Brendan Ingle gymnasium in Sheffield, Graham developed a unique style that saw him become the greatest British fighter never to win a World title. He had a very rough start to life, as do many boxers, but he turned this negativity into a positive and became a masterful boxer. This fight against the more than dangerous Julian Jackson was his second attempt at winning a World title after he lost out on points against Mike McCallum a year earlier. Graham was winning easily against Jackson in this fight and Julian was soon to be stopped due to heavy eye damage, which blighted his career. Jackson always had a lethal weapon, his punch. It was so hard that he won 49 out of his 55 fights by K.O.

Julian Jackson v Herol ‘Bomber’ Graham, november 24, 1990

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