Amateur Fights

Tyson v Milligan

Tyson v Bennett [Amateur 1984]

Tyson v Tillman I [Amateur 1984]

Tyson v Tillman II

Professional Fights


Tyson v Hector Mercedes

Tyson v Trent Singleton

Tyson v Don Halpin

Tyson v Rick Spain

Tyson v John Alderson

Tyson v Lorenzo Canady

Tyson v Michael Johnson

Tyson v Donnie Long

Tyson v Robert Colay

Tyson v Sterling Benjamin

Tyson v Eddie Richardson

Tyson v Conroy Nelson

Tyson v Sammy Scaff

Tyson v Mark Young

Tyson v Dave Jaco


Tyson v Mike Jameson

Tyson v Jesse Ferguson

Tyson v Steve Zouski

Tyson v James Tillis

Tyson v Mitch Green

Tyson v Reggie Gross

Tyson v William Hosea

Tyson v Lorenzo Boyd

Tyson v Marvis Frazier

Tyson v Jose Ribalta

Tyson v Alfonzo Ratliff

Tyson v Trevor Berbick


Tyson v James Smith

Tyson v Pinklon Thomas

Tyson v Tony Tucker


Tyson v Tyrell Biggs

Tyson v Larry Holmes

Tyson v Tony Tubbs

Tyson v Michael Spinks


Tyson v Frank Bruno I

Tyson v Carl Williams


Tyson v James ‘Buster’ Douglas

Tyson v Henry Tillman

Tyson v Alex Stewart


Tyson v Donovan ‘Razor’ Ruddock I

Tyson v Donovan ‘Razor’ Ruddock II

Mike was imprisoned in 1992 and served a three year sentence

Watch a documentary that leads up to this point in Mike’s career

Watch Mike Tyson ‘Uncaged’ Documentary

1995 – release from prison

Tyson v Peter McNeeley

Tyson v Buster Mathis Jnr.

Tyson v Frank Bruno II

Tyson v Bruce Seldon


Tyson v Evander Holyfield I


Tyson v Evander Holyfield II


Tyson v Francois Botha

Tyson v Orlin Norris


Tyson v Julius Francis

Tyson v Lou Savarese


Tyson v Andrew Golota

Tyson v Brian Nielsen


Tyson v Lennox Lewis


Tyson v Clifford Etienne


Tyson v Danny Williams


Tyson v Kevin McBride


Tyson v Corey Sanders (Exhibition Fight)


Mike Tyson and the Heavyweights Documentary >
A great interview with a young Tyson sharing his vast knowledge on the Heavyweight champions of the past. This film was shot in England with the late Harry Carpenter in 1987/88. Mike’s enthusiasm and passion for his chosen sport at this time was truly inspirational.

Tyson and Ali Two Champions Documentary >
An excellent insight into the careers of the two greatest heavyweights of the past 50 years. Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali. This documentary shows how their career’s mirrored one another in many ways. Some great footage and really nicely put together.

Mike Tyson, The Fall Of A Champion Documentary >
One of the many documentaries made following Mike’s incredible rise and fall between the years of 1985 and 1992. This shows Tyson in his early days right up until his losing his crown and eventually his freedom.

The Tale Of Tyson v Douglas >
Mike Tyson v James Buster Douglas took place in Tokyo, Japan in 1990. Tyson was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world and Douglas was a huge underdog. He overcame the odds and put on a performance that would have beaten any heavyweight of any era. Pure boxing perfection for one night only. James BD talks through the entire fight and explains how he was able to do it.

Mike Tyson ‘Uncaged’ Documentary >
A brilliant documentary with great early footage and opinions of those who knew Mike Tyson the best. Steve Lott, Jim Jacobs, Kevin Rooney, Bill Cayton and of course Cus D’Amato. The quality of the video isn’t the best, but it has been put together really well and is excellent viewing.

Mike Tyson Interviews >
A series of interviews with Mike Tyson shot over 20-Years. He’s always been very honest, sometimes it got him into trouble, but that’s what made him the most famous and controversial sportsman of the modern era. This particular selection of interviews shows Mike at his best through various periods in his long career. Excellent viewing.

Mike Tyson Beyond The Glory  >
A very insightful documentary that follows Mike between his defeat to Lennox Lewis and his comeback fight again Clifford Etienne. Mike was a very troubled individual at this time.
Still one of the best Tyson documentaries you will watch. Great work by the guys that filmed and put this together. Mike tended to scare most journalists away, but somehow these guys got to follow him around.

Biography – The Life Of Mike Tyson >
An interesting documentary detailing Mike’s life and career featuring interviews with those who knew and worked with him. Not the best documentary out there, but still worth watching with some interesting facts and rare footage.