Micky Ward v Arturo Gatti Trilogy On Demand (Non Members)

In 2002 the fight was set between (Irish) Micky Ward and Arturo (Thunder) Gatti. Neither had a perfect record at the time with Ward having won 37 and lost 11 of his fights. Gatti was 34 wins against 5 losses and was coming back from a bad defeat against Oscar De La Hoya in 2001. They were both seemingly at the end of their boxing careers, but this match up would define both of them as fighters for ever. For Micky Ward – He finally thought he was getting a fight that could earn him the respect and money that he deserved. Gatti – a real crowd pleaser was already well known for his incredible durability and toughness, completely re-invented himself under new trainer Buddy Mcgirt.

These three fights set the standard for all of what boxing was, is, and will ever hope to be.
Pure boxing gold.

A short interview with Micky Ward


“I always wondered what it would be like to fight my twin . . . now I know”
Arturo Gatti (1972 – 2009) RIP Arturo

Ward v Gatti I

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