Mike Tyson v James ‘Buster’ Douglas

Call it the biggest upset in the history of boxing and you won’t be far wrong. Nobody, and I mean nobody expected James Buster Douglas to have a chance against Mike Tyson, but he proved everybody wrong. Douglas had just lost his Mother in the weeks leading up to the fight and it turned him into a fighting machine. This is the one of the most perfect boxing displays I’ve ever witnessed. If you watch the fight from the perspective of Douglas, rather than focusing on what Tyson is doing (or not doing in this case), I guarantee you’ll see it differently to how you remember.

Tyson wasn’t in bad shape here but his training regime was far from perfect at this time. He admits that he “Was Fu**ing Japanese Girls Like He Was Eating Grapes” in the lead up to this fight. Tyson fought hard but Douglas totally dominated the fight. Douglas would have beaten anybody on this night in my opinion, he was that good.

This was the first fight I ever saw live, I was 16 and stayed up with my elder brother and watched it on Sky. I remember it like it was yesterday because it was so shocking at the time! This is the full, un-edited version with ring walks and post fight interviews. Audio and video enhanced and improved in January 2014.

Mike Tyson v James ‘Buster’ Douglas

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