Mike Tyson v Brian Nielson

This was the last time we got to see Mike something near his best (in his later years of course). The Mike Tyson of 1986 would have destroyed this guy. This fight against The Great-Dane Brian Nielson was held in Copehagen, Denmark in 2001. Nielson had an unbelievable record and won his first 50 fights ! He had only one single defeat on his record before he faced Tyson. This was Mike’s last fight prior to challenging Lennox Lewis for the title the following year. If Mike had stayed with the team he was with here, which included Tommy Brookes (who actually trained Evander Holyfield to beat Tyson twice), he may have stood a chance against Lewis. As it turned out, Mike went into the Lewis fight overweight and under-prepared and got totally out-classed for 8 rounds. A real shame.

Mike Tyson v Brian Nielson (2001)

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