Nigel Benn v Gerald McCLellan

It was the 25th February 1995 and we travelled down to London from up North with all the sports pages torn out of the papers, and we stuck them all over the dashboard of the van we were travelling in like a pair of excited school kids… The UK papers lapped up this fight and every sports page was filled with great pictures and views about the most exciting super Middleweight fight to happen in the UK since Eubank v Benn II in ’93. (We also went to that fight incidentally). This fight had that something extra, I actually remember feeling genuinely scared for Nigel Benn, McClellan was simply ferocious. Everybody knew that something dramatic was going to happen, but nobody dared imagine the eventual outcome …
We were ringside, right behind the photographers because we sneaked to the front with a group of 10-15 Londoners who had sneaked in through a toilet window ! There were so many of them that the security chose to leave them alone, so we tagged along. For the 9-10 rounds the fight lasted we were all like the oldest friends, loving every minute of it and screaming with delight when Nigel started to make a come back. How Benn got through the first round, nobody knows, but he did it, somehow. Its a shame that the tragic outcome took away what was a fantastic battle between two superbly matched fighters. A night I will personally never forget. Benn was unbeatable this night.

Nigel Benn v Gerald McCLennan

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  1. But for the tragic ending this fight would have been remembered as one of the greatest performances by any british boxer. The pundits predictions said it all.

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