Prince Naseem Hamed History

The career of one of the most exciting and talented boxers of his generation. Naseem had incredible speed and power with enough self confidence for ten people! His ridiculous and sometimes annoying antics during the ring walks made him a huge ticket seller and was great for boxing in the 90’s. He made himself a lot of cash and won a few titles along the way. This guy was small in stature but had the biggest ego with more than enough raw talent to justify it. Love him or hate him, you just had to watch him! A few early fights are missing because the quality was simply awful! The majority is here. Please be patient while we upload everything.

Naseem Hamed v Beard (Pro Debut)


Naseem Hamed v Andrew Bloomer

Naseem v Matthews


Naseem v Gargano

Naseem Hamed v Alan Ley

Naseem v Jenkins

Naseem Hamed v Chris Clarkson

Naseem v Miceli

Naseem v Picardi

Naseem Hamed v Freddie Cruz

Naseem v Ramirez

Prince Naseem Hamed v Said Lawal

Naseem v Badillo

Prince Naseem Hamed v Kevin Kelley (December 19 1997)