Mike Tyson History 14 DVD Collection


The original and best Mike Tyson DVD Collection available. 14 DVDs showcasing Tyson at his very best and indeed at his worst. Beautifully presented and packaged. Unmatched for content and quality.


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Mike Tyson History 14 DVD Box Set :.

Not before or since has there been a more aggressive, faster, stronger, meaner & more controversial fighter than the now legendary Boxing Hall of Famer Mike Tyson. Mike still holds the record for being the youngest man ever to win the heavyweight title. He was just 20 Years old when he demolished the late Trevor Berbick to win the WBC Heavyweight title in November 1986.

Mike Tyson History showcases Tyson at his awesome best, and also at his worst. In his early career he was simply unstoppable, nobody, not even the great Muhammad Ali would have been able to handle this guy when he was in his prime and few would disagree. A combination of speed, power, aggression and a team of fantastic people around him made the Mike Tyson of 1985-1989 the best fighter of his generation. Poor career and life decisions saw the downfall of Mike from 1990 onwards. Divorce, prison, drugs, alcohol, you name it, Tyson has been through it. An incredible story played out over 14 terrific DVDs. Impulsive viewing for any fight fan.

This great 14 DVD set features every televised Mike Tyson fight in full with bonus amateur fights, some great training footage, interviews and documentaries. Simply the best Tyson DVD Set you will find anywhere on the net – Guaranteed!

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